Featured Artist Joyce Manser

New Jersey and Sea Glass: A Match Made on Canvas

Joyce Manser and her husband, Andy, started their artistic journey with a simple love of sea glass collecting throughout their home state of New Jersey. As avid collectors, they wanted to turn their passion into a larger part of their life and started their first business, New Jersey Natural Glass, offering a variety of sea glass jewelry and gift items. They enjoyed visiting local craft shows along the Jersey Shore to showcase their talents, and established a presence online where they could share their unique creations with a larger audience. Eventually their busy schedules forced them to take a break from the time consuming craft show circuit and online sales business.

Joyce's hobby always remained a part of her life and a few years ago she had an idea to marry her love of sea glass and New Jersey to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art.  Using her most exquisite pieces of sea glass she fashioned a silhouette of New Jersey and took a photograph, from there she replicated her picture on stretches of canvas.  Joyce debuted her New Jersey Sea Glass canvases to the public at Brielle Day, a craft show hosted by The Woman's Club of Brielle, with great success and has since enjoyed sharing her pieces with those who share her love for sea glass and of course, New Jersey.

Joyce currently resides in Manasquan, NJ with her husband Andy and works as a Production Manager at Star News Group. She has two grown sons who are both married and two grandsons (with another grandbaby on the way!).

Joyce's stunning New Jersey Sea Glass canvas pieces and postcards are available online and in both Bungalow Road locations.