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With the big O coming up in just a few days (no not Oprah, the Oscars!), we at Bungalow Road have been reflecting on some of our own award-worthy merchandise –the brands that keep people coming back again and again, and the items we just can’t keep on the shelves.  We have a lot of customer favorites – both old and new – and we think they should be honored, shouted from the rooftops and given an official seal of approval! So ladies and gents, with that in mind, we give you our very own awards round-up… The Roadies.

Favorite Year-Round Accessory: TIE: Cashmere Poncho/ Crossbody Clutch

Ok so we realize there are no ties at the Oscars but this is The Roadies and we make our own rules. The cashmere poncho and the crossbody clutch are amazing investment pieces (*without* the huge investment; priced under $100 and $50, respectively) that you will go back to time and time again.  They both instantly elevate and add polish to any look, day or night.

Favorite Accessory in a Seasonal Supporting Role, Summer: Starfish Sandals

Its almost that time of year again… the colors, the sparkle, THE SANDAL. Our most beloved sandal will return with the change of the season (or check them out online). Get your pedicures ready, ladies!

Favorite Accessory in a Seasonal Supporting Role, Winter: Fur Pom Pom Hat

These hats were new to the store this Fall and we couldn’t actually keep them IN the store. It was more like in-stock, sold out, restock, repeat. If you know what item this is, you probably own at least two of them. If you don’t, not to worry we will have these back in store next Fall and we expect them to fly just as fast as they did this year.

Favorite Go-To Hostess Gift: 1803 Candles

The 1803 seasonal options are just as heavenly as the year-round mainstays (Driftwood Shores, anyone?) and these scent-sational soy candles defy age, gender, and home décor styles. When wine or desserts just won’t do, a dreamy fragrance in adorable mason jar packaging is always a go-to.

Favorite Hometown Housewarming Gift: “A Day In…” Townie Towels

These charming towels each list “A Day In…” the life of shore towns from Atlantic Highlands down to Avon-by-the-Sea, with each towel giving shout-outs to the town’s favorite establishments like Barnacle Bill’s in Rumson and The Norwood Inn in Avon. Perfect for friends that love to show off their town pride.

Favorite Gym/Beach Buddy: Corkcicle Canteen

A double threat in every sense of the word. Keeps beverages cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. Holds water for barre class or a bottle of wine for the beach club. Treat yourself to one or treat someone else to one. Sounds like the best of both worlds to us.

Favorite Arm Candy: PowerBeads by Jen bracelets

Gemstone bracelets that channel positivity to the wearer – for example, Howlite assists with calming, patience and stress relief. Raise your hand if you could use a little of that magic? – paired with vintage medals and charms. And you can even BYO! We encourage our customers to make it personal by having their own sentimental trinkets added to their favorite gemstones. PowerBeads look stylish solo or stacked up in bunches, and are the perfect gift for your favorite girlfriend.

Favorite Baby Soft, Baby Gift: Stitch Lane Widgeon Coat

These cute coats come in 4 different colors and sizes ranging from 3 months to 4T and the adorable factor is off. the. charts. With two velcro tab closures they are easy to get on and off and the fleece material is super warm. Bonus: you can add a personal touch with a name or monogram at Stitch Lane.

And that’s a wrap friends…its been an honor to “host” the first annual Roadies! All of these items are available either in stores, online or both. And let us know what you think… did we forget any of your personal favorites? Tell us what you love, wish to see more of, or think we need to change up? We love hearing from you! Keep checking our Instagram and Facebook pages for the latest arrivals and news and don't forget to keep #bungalowroading !

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