IT’S 2018: Happy YOU Year

Happy New Year Bungalow Roadies! So admittedly its been a while since I’ve buzzed with you, and while I am not big on resolutions, I'm making a mental note to write more often… so get your Peepers out. Like I said, I don’t usually resolve – typically the goals are so grand and far out there that come January 3rd (today! How’s everyone holding up?) I find myself already making excuses. Honestly, how is it possible to eat and drink your way through the November and December festivities and then ONE DAY after bubbling over with bubbly switch gears to: I am going to eat healthy FOR THE NEXT 365 DAYS. Spoiler: It’s not. So instead, I put together a short list of attainable day-to-day “trys” that I thought I would share to help you make 2018 the year of YOU.


TREAT YOSELF (well). This could mean hitting the gym once a week or even every two weeks (you gotta start somewhere!), drinking just one more glass of water a day, or adding a cup of green tea to your caffeine regimen (green tea fixes everything, right? Just don’t forgot to take it out of the microwave after you’ve reheated it 8 times. Another personal goal of mine.) Whatever you do, start small, and if something isn’t working for you, swap it out without feeling guilty.

Bungalow Buys:

- Gym tank – A “Barre Fly” tank is the perfect way to add some humor to your hold.

- Corkcicle – keeps liquids cold for 24 hours and warm for 12. Ready to drink whenever you are.

- “NJ” Mug – for those who prefer warming up in the comfort of their own (Jersey) home.


IN LIVING COLOR. I love a good head-to-toe black uniform. Neutrals are comfy and cozy like a glass of red wine or a warm bath: they never fail. But if you’re always eyeing up that cheerful red blouse or marigold slide… try it out! A vibrant shoe can add a pop to your LBO (Little Black Outfit, of course) and a colorful blouse will not only brighten the room, but it might just brighten your mood as well. If you’re currently shaking your head no right now (I see you.), start with something that you can easily layer – a blush velvet tank that you can wear under a blazer or a fun, patterned pant that you can throw a big bulky sweater over. I bet you’ll love how you look through your new rose-colored glasses.

 Bungalow Buys:

- Plum-colored tiered bell-sleeve blouse: currently in store and currently GORG. Get one before they are gone!

- Poppy red tote – also in store, this is an easy way to baby step into color with a fashionable yet functional crossbody bag


JUST SAY NO! This could work for a lot of different scenarios. For me, I find that I overcommit to things because I really * want * to do them but in reality with three young children running around my house its hard to do it all (I swear I will get to a PTO meeting one of these days). Most times its easier and less stressful to understand your limit… and know when “no” is the way to go. This also works for committing to evening and weekend plans and then dreading them the day they arrive at your doorstep. Sometimes you just have to choose the couch over the clutch. You might just get used to Netflix and chill on the weekends… Stranger Things have happened after all.

Bungalow Buys:

- Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket – the ULTIMATE couch companion.

- Jersey Shore Cookbook – for making local culinary favorites right in your own kitchen.

- Slipper Socks – ditch the heels in favor of these. You’re welcome.


BREATHE. Breathe when your boss is driving you crazy (in my case, my kids… who happen to think they are my bosses), breathe when the person in front of you is going 10 miles under the speed limit, breathe before you speak, and breathe it all in. I actually do this when my kids are melting down (“Just look at me and take deep breaths.”) but have only recently started thinking this is probably a great reminder for everyone. A few deeps breaths can calm your mind, and honestly the hardest part about it is just remembering to do it. You woke up this morning. Life is good. At times it’s so good, it might just take your breath away.

Bungalow Buys:

- My Saint My Hero “BREATHE” bracelet – wrap your wrist in a daily reminder

- 1803 Candles: Wake up and smell the candles.

I hope this list sparked some ideas to make 2018 the best YOU year yet! Modify these "trys" however they fit your lifestyle. And remember: you’re already fabulous… so improvements aren’t always needed. We'll always love you just the way you are! And from the entire crew at Bungalow Road, thanks for a wonderful 2017, we are so looking forward to all the fun, fashion and fresh air that 2018 is sure to bring.

Happy Bungalow Reading!



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