The Mother of All Gift Lists

With Mother's Day just a few days off I’ve been putting together a goddess-worthy gift guide to point everyone in the right direction this Mother’s Day. Being a mom myself, I know how important this task really is but then I started wondering, "What do you get for the women who do it all?" Something sentimental? Practical? Extravagant? Which led me to my next revelation... "Why don't I just ask a few goddesses directly?" So, without further ado, I give you our very own super-mom staff picks for Mother's Day!

Seabag - Chrissy, who works frequently in both Avon and Atlantic Highlands, immediately responded with "SEABAG!" A true catch-all, Seabags are made of recycled sailcloth and will last year after year. They are easy to clean and can handle the everyday wear and tear of mom-life. (Read: a bag that can carry diapers/wipes, snacks, sippy cups, half the medicine cabinet, shin-guards, that apple your kid swore they needed but then only took two bites out of... you get the gist). Aside from having to tote around plenty of “stuff” for her boys, Chrissy is constantly bringing inventory to and from both locations, so for that reason she needs a bag that is as functional, efficient and stylish as her!  Fun Fact: this is my pick too! I guess it’s true that great minds think alike ;)

Goverre Portable Wine Glasses – when Kara chose this I totally shook my head, “me too!” Perfect for her to take to the beach, a weekend picnic or a summer concert, these glasses are just that, REAL glass, covered with a silicone sleeve and topped with a drink-through lid. And if you need any more convincing why these are perfect for a busy mom who enjoys her off-duty time, (aside from the fact that this product was just featured on Shark Tank!), these glasses hold half of a bottle of wine and we happily refer to them as “adult sippy cups” in the store. Need I say more?

Stitch Lane Monogrammed PJS – after a long day of juggling work and three kids, I know exactly why Katie chose these cute and comfy personalized PJS. “Fun and functional!” is what she said and I couldn’t agree more. Whether you’re a working mom or stay-at-home mom (or a little bit of both), I think we can all agree that stripping the day away – and the clothes that went with it – and getting more comfortable is something we all look forward to. And just because they’re pajamas, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be stylish.

Cashmere PonchoBridget was clearly thinking ahead to cool summer nights when she said she would love a new Cashmere Poncho. I know what you’re thinking…cashmere? In the summer? Yes, believe it. These are lightweight, breathable, and the new colors add such a pretty *POP* over the standard Summer uniform of white-on-white. When she needs a night-out sans kids, whether its a Christine's dinner date or a breezy evening at the beach club tiki bar (…or both!), Bridget will be covered with this perfectly polished accessory.

PowerBeads – these stylish and meaningful bracelets seem to make their way on to every one of our lists, don’t they? When I asked Rita (who happens to be my mom… Hi Mom!) she didn’t hesitate when she said a PowerBead bracelet with the #5 charm, to represent the number of grandchildren she has – such a simple and sweet reminder of her favorite little people day in and day out. And don’t forget, PowerBeads can be customized with any number, letter, zodiac sign, or even a personal charm or medal – perfect for those trying to score some extra brownie points with mom.

So there you have it, our Mother’s Day 2017 gift guide with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Now go get something nice for your mom and don’t forget to call her and tell her you love her too! And also, we wrap : )

Side note: I must mention that not all of our staff moms are represented on this list, if we checked in with every hard-working mom who readily offers up a set of helping hands at Bungalow Road you would be reading a novel, not a blog post. But I do want to wish each and every mom out there a very Happy Mother’s Day. It’s our day… have champagne before noon, let the dishes wait, serve the kids dessert for dinner, and most importantly… enjoy! xo







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