Celebrating 5 Years of Success! WOOT!!!!!

Hi, We're Bungalow Road.

Hi, we're Bungalow Road. It's nice to meet you.

Welcome to the latest and greatest addition to the ever-expanding Bungalow Road empire: The BR blog.And in case you aren't familiar with Bungalow Road, a little bit about us: we enjoy long walks on the (Avon) beach, and grabbing dinner and drinks on 1st Ave in Atlantic Highlands.

Our hobbies include decking the halls of countless homes, spoiling people with perfectly-picked "awwwww"-inspiring gifts and playing dress up with clothes that we think our closest friends would adore. We love all things happy - and that's how we want to make you feel. From the minute you walk into our stores to the minute you take your perfectly-wrapped present out the door (and now, visit our new and improved website as well!)  

Our plan for this blog is to talk shop(ping) and a lot of it-- whether it's a spotlight on one of the smiling faces behind our registers, or a sneak peek into trends and wardrobe picks for the upcoming season ahead, we've got you covered (literally, with plenty of clothes to choose from.) We are writing with you, our customers, in mind, and as you know we love chatting. In-store. On the phone. Via email. Social media. You name it- we'll talk on it. Communication and feedback is what keeps us thriving and high-fiving so check in often and tell us what you think. We're always listening!  
So buckle up Bungalow Roadies, it's going to be a fun ride ...kind of like a girls-only, music-blasting, wind-in-your-hair (Bungalow) roadtrip.


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