We Need YOU...to start #BungalowRoading

[hash-tag bun-ga-lo rode-ing]
1. The act of rocking Bungalow Road gear in any and all aspects of your life 
2. Gifting Bungalow Road goodies to your nearest and dearest 
3. Visiting Bungalow Road locations or Bungalowroad.com 
4. Being an all-around amazingly awesome Bungalow Road customer 
So every once in a while we'll hear a customer tell us how they brought something home from our store and made it entirely their own. Like the time someone made our seahorse hooks into handles for his sliding glass doors (genius!), or when a customer used the mesh of her Bait Bag to safely carry all of her beach badges for the summer (see Instagram!). Or we'll run into one of our favorite customers beaching it in one of our cover ups or catch the sparkle of a starfish sandal in the checkout line at ShopRite. We love it. L-O-V-E. We don't have enough letters on our keyboard to express how happy it makes our hearts to know that you make Bungalow Road and the wonderful things in our store so uniquely and effortlessly a part of your life. 
Who knew we had the smartest, savviest and most stylish customers in the world? (Spoiler alert: we did!) Each one of you inspire us and now we want you - actually we NEED you - to start sharing these moments with us. Take a picture on Instagram, post on Facebook, tag Bungalow Road, hashtag #BungalowRoading, or whatever your social media preference - we want to see and hear from you so we can show you off! 
Rev up your style engines ladies and gents and start #BungalowRoading ...

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